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Indemnity policy :

RM2 We will compensate 100% for the purchase of this shipment insurance.

Content of compensation:

In order to ensure that the goods are not accepted by a third party/no reasonable response/package damage, etc., in order to protect the rights and losses between the two parties.

Approval process:

If the third-party logistics company does not give a reasonable handling after 10 days of coordination and review, we will fully compensate according to the situation.

Claimable conditions:

1) If you do not receive the goods within 15 days from the day of shipment, you can contact us for after-sales service[Overdue not processed]

2) We will contact the logistics company to investigate the lost shipment.

3) Damaged goods.

4)Free items not included.

5) Those who do not purchase shipment insurance ,unable to make a claim.

6) This policy is only available to those who have purchased shipment insurance.

Compensation plan:

1)Lost or damaged - If the third-party logistics is compensated after review and coordination, we will follow the claim method of the third party.

2) Lost or damaged - If the third-party logistics company does not give reasonable handling method after 10 days of coordination and review, we will compensate 100%.

3) If the logistics company provides proof of arrival to confirm that the parcel have been delivered (the possibility of being mistakenly taken by others is not ruled out), it will not be regarded as a loss;No after-sales service and No claim be provided.

4) Damaged goods. We will only compensate for the goods of the damaged.

5) All refunds will be made to the store credit of the web account.

6) The refunded amount does not include Postage.

7) The maximum claim is RM450.

Shipping & Return

Trial Kit Agreement

1) 此服务条款仅对有购买到体验装的用户。
This agreement only valid for customer who have buy our trial kit.

2) 佩戴体验装后 若觉得不适合 收到货后的当天起计算3天有效期找客服审核。
After Sales service only available 3 days after receiving the goods.

3) 需经过公司进一步审核后才可进行退还流程。
The return process can only be carried out after approval.

4) 售后期间我可以遵循并更从(Eyesco)提供的流程进行。
During after-sale period I can follow the procedure provided by Eyesco.

5) 我司将保留最终所有权。
We reserve the right of final ownership.

6) 网页下单者 将被默认为同意此条规。
For website order will automatically seems as agree to this rule by default

RM2 Shipment Insurance

-Buy RM2 to protect your parcel before checkout, We will compensate 100% for the purchase of this shipment insurance. Learn More


Malaysia, Singapore Country 
- In case Item out of stock, will whatsapp contact you replace item or refund STORE CREDIT.

- M'sia & Sg ready stock ship in 48hrs, take about 3-5days excluded public holidays&weekend*

- M'sia & SG Readystock & Pre-order Will Separate Order & Delivery 📦 x2 Delivery Fee

- Preoder Item take about 3-4weeks.


Worldwide Country 

- Item couldn’t select ready stock, only available for MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE

- In case Item out of stock/problematic parcel will refund STORE CREDIT.

- Worldwide Shipping take about 3-4weeks based on country*


*All orders process in MYR, and will be checkout using the most current exchange rates*


- All refund will be performed in Store Credit only*

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